Simulating real life experiences with the use of an virtual interactive environment provides a safe way for students to learn by investigation through inquiry learning. .

International Schools and ICT

Jamshid Beheshti (2012) Teens, Virtual Environments and Information Literacy, Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Volume 38, Issue 3

As digital natives, the vast majority of teens are used to cellphones, text messaging, social networking sites and other forms of electronic communications and technologies. Though rooted in the digital world for many of their daily activities, teens lack basic information literacy skills for academic tasks and other demands. Specific instruction through the educational system may not be feasible, but it may be possible to build teens’ information competence through interactive virtual learning environments. Game-style virtual environments are highly motivating and engaging, providing opportunities for repeated practice and reward for persistence and achieving goals. A virtual reality library, VRLibrary, was constructed, collaboratively designed by young teens and adults, based on the metaphor of a physical library. Teens could wander the virtual space and browse links to age-appropriate websites presented…

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NASA creating video games?

Welcome to Sector 33!
– A new air traffic control mobile game for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Image of game Sector33_610x407

A screenshot from Sector 33, a new game from NASA--and one of many the U.S. space agency has created or commissioned.→→→→→→→→→→→More.......

The list of games NASA has worked on is quite long. Among other things, it’s created space station and space shuttle titles, it’s given players a virtual walk on the moon, and it’s put users in charge of space flight communications.

Games technology is a simulation of real life experiences by interacting with the virtual environment. This allows us to learn through inquiry investigation and construct ones knowledge and understanding by participating in the experience it offers.