Digital Learning – ETL504 Module 3.3 Forum Posting

The Lively Librarian

What is your understanding of digital literacy now?

Digital literacy is a set of skills, processes and attitudes that enables the learner to utilise information in whatever form it is published or transmitted so that the learner can manipulate the information to construct knowledge” (Wall & Ryan, 2010, p. 31). 

It has three component parts that make up the whole and these should be embedded within a 21st century learning paradigm (Wall & Ryan, 2010, p. 31):

1.    ICT Literacy

·        Application skills

·        Web tools including web 2.0 tools

·        Multimedia

·        Social networking


2.    Information Literacy

·        Define

·        Locate

·        Select

·        Organise

·        Present

·        Evaluate


3.    Critical Literacy: literacies which enable students to learn how to think in order to learn

·        Questioning

·        Problem-solving…

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