Flickr & its partner “FlickrCC Attribution Helper”

Flickr Attribution
When you use any of the copyrighted material you must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). Many Flickr users have chosen to protect their work and offer it with a Creative Commons License. Goal of the Commons on Flickr is to firstly make the images of the worlds private and public photography archives available to enjoy and use. Secondly to protect them under a copyright free license agreement with an attribution right set by the author.

The variations of Creative Commons attribution licences are as follows:

  • Attribution
  • Attribution-NoDerivatives
  • Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives
  • Attribution-NonCommercial
  • Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
  • Attribution-ShareAlike

For further explanations about the creative commons attribution rights please read on….. To obtain a default license for your photo-stream you must request it from “Set a Default License” page on Flickr. After this is done all photographs uploaded will now be copyrighted.

flickrCC is a third party web application tool that only searches for photographs on Flickr that have been released with a Creative Commons License. On flickCC home page type a description of the photographs you are looking for in the find text box. Click on any image in the col-laze of displayed photos and it will appear in the right pane/column under the heading ‘Attribution:’. You have to look further to obtain the attribution rights. Click on the image “name” and it will take you to the author’s page on Flickr. There in the side column look for “license”. Under this heading click on the ‘some rights reserved’ entry and it will open an attribution page showing its specified conditions.

How to attribute an author’s photographic collection
To correctly attribute a photograph saved from Flickr you must place the attribution under the image. One way of achieving this requirement is shown in the below image example.

Flickr CC Attribution Helper
Flickr CC Attribution Helper tool generates attribution text. The HTML code of the material/photograph being attributed can be copied directly into your website or blog source. Flickr CC Attribution Helper tool needs a ‘script manager’ application before it can be installed. Greasemonkey java script manager is the correct application platform for this. Greasemonkey applet is only compatible with Mozilla Firefox web browser. To install Greacemonkey applet go to ‘Greasespot’ a weblog page that contains a link for uploading. A comprehensive Greasmonkey user manual wiki is available for help.

Flickr CC Attribution Helper tool can now be installed from the ‘Flickr CC Attribution Helper’ page. We are going to use the following well known icon for the Mozilla Firefox brand as an example.

Click in the center of the above Firefox logo taken from Flickr user Keng Susumpow’s photo-stream collection. You should be now looking at the user’s collection page for this image. Scroll down and on the right side of the page in the menu column you will now find the following additional information as depicted below that was not there before you installed flickrCC Attribution Helper. This information is located between the ‘tag’ and the ‘License’ heading.

Attribution (HTML) source code and Attribution (text) source code.

To read further please follow links below…………
Greasemonkey and Flickr for the adventurous


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