Evaluating Media Programs

The school library media specialist: Evaluation
Ontario Library Associations’s Teacher Librarian Toolkit website has information on “Evidence Based Practice” and contains a number of forms that can be used to evaluate circulation and incidences of collaboration. Ontario’s district education office asks library media specialists to analyse the data from the following evidence:

Circulation statistics:
Number of print materials circulated
AV materials circulated
In-library circulation of print
In-library circulation AV materials
AV equipment circulated

Classes held/hosted
Drop in users
Computer lab
After hours
Other uses

Number of books acquired and deleted
Number of AV materials acquired and deleted
Number of software programs acquired and deleted

Leadership team activities:
List any building/district committees on which
you have served and your role on them.

Collecting data for evaluation of library media programs by asking library uses to complete surveys and participate in focus groups is an effective means to assess their impact on student learning. Doug Johnson presents the following survey questions for a qualitative assessment of library evidence. A 1-4 likert scale can be used for questions 1 to 12 and from 13 to 15 open ended responses are required.

Student Survey Questions
1. I feel I can help decide what activities, rules and materials are a part of the library media center.
2. The media specialist lets me know when there are new materials or things to do in the media center.
3. There are enough books and other materials in the media center that I can get what I need.
4. I can find the books, computer software and other materials in the media center I need. I can understand them easily.
5. The materials in the media center are easy to find, are in good condition, and are up-to-date.
6. I think the skills I learn in the media center are important. I use them in class or at home as well as in the media center.
7. I can use the media center whenever I need to.
8. The media specialist helps me with my questions.
9. The media specialist is always there when I need help.
10. I feel welcome and comfortable in the media center.
11. I can get my work done in the media center.
12. I use technology in the media center to help me answer my questions.

13. The thing I like best about the library media center is:
14. One thing that could be changed about the library media center is:
15. Other comments or observations:
Surveys can also be conducted with teacher, administrators and parents using tools such as “survey monkey”.

Evaluating media programs Links
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