Students + Evidence = Impact!!!

Evidence Based Practice
When classroom teachers and teacher librarians are collaborating on activities to impact student learning, it makes sense to collect data about the effectiveness of the activity. Data may be collected daily, weekly, monthly, or other regular measures. Techniques may include real-time tracking and periodic gathering. Examples of real-time tracking would be website hits and student borrowings of related respective research materials. Examples of periodic gathering of evidence are surveys, statistics from assessment marks, lesson plans, photos, learning logs and samples of student work or portfolios. This ‘Evidence Based Practice’ (EBP) is important for Teacher Librarians to reflect on their practise to improve students’ learning.

EBP can demonstrate the worth of library media program impacts student performance. A presentation of a teacher librarian Deb Logan at the Association of American School Librarians (AASL) conference 2010 elaborates on lessons learnt from her EBP on the relationship of her personal practise as a teacher librarian and student learning. The following PowerPoint “Students + Evidence = Impact” is a study of what she learnt through her reflective practise as a teacher librarian.

AASL Students + Evidence = Impact
PowerPoint. Resources from Deb Logan's AASL Presenation. →→→→→→→→→→→open PowerPoint....

Deb Blogan’s complete presentation………..

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