Statement on teacher librarian qualifications

The importance of a teacher librarian credentialed with the appropriate qualifications is to ensure a high standard of personnel engagement in the provision of information and to foster their professional interests and aspirations. ASLA (Australian School Library Association) address this with their mandated objectives to establish, review and maintain national standards and guidelines for school library resource services. Teacher librarian with qualifications in teaching and librarianship will have the appropriate prerequisite knowledge and skills to promote an understanding of the aims, needs and educational significance of the school library resource services. Teacher librarians with dual qualification as a teacher and a librarian would able to develop suitable teaching programs because of their deep understanding of applicable pedagogies applied to students’ with different learning styles. Teacher Librarian would be able to guide teachers with curriculum implementation through collaborative practice. They would be able to improve students’ learning outcomes by developing information strategies that would enhance students’ information literacy skills. Evaluating student learning in relation to library programs and information services would be an essential requirement to improve their own and other teachers’ professional practice.

 At my last high school the teacher librarian was more concerned in trying to make sure students did not walk away with the resources, being a disciplinarian during recess and lunch and an expert in doing odd jobs for the principal and staff. He was not interested in collaborative practice and was not very enthusiastic to offer any suggestions. He had a very grumpy demeanour.

The full statement on teacher librarian qualifications can be found by following the below link:


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