Statement on library and information services in schools

The statement on library and information services in schools has been endorsed by ASLA and ALIA. ASLA and ALIA purpose with this statement is to advocate for library and information resources, programs and services in schools. This will promote the free flow of information, ideas and to improve the services provided by all kinds of libraries and information agencies. This statement is very important as an advocacy to maintain the awareness of Government bodies of the educational significance of providing library resource services. The most important of these services is to educate student in information literacy. This will also enhance their collaboration, researching and informal learning skills further.

In school libraries the person responsible for leading and managing it must be a qualified teacher librarian. The teacher librarian has a role in the planning, implementation and evaluation of educational policies, curricula, outcome and programs, with particular importance in development of the information literacy skills of the students. A qualified information specialist without the qualifications of teacher would not have the specific knowledge or skills to be able to design programs differentiating the curriculum to cater to all ability levels and learning styles.

Information providing further inforamtion about this statement can be located at ASLA website URL


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