Australian standards for professional excellence for teachers

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and the Australian School Library Association (ASLA) endorse and promote this statement of standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians. This statement describes the professional knowledge, skills and commitment demonstrated by teacher librarians working at a level of excellence. It represents the goals to which all Australian teacher librarians should aspire, and provides inspiration for quality teaching and ongoing professional practice.

The PDF version of the standard for professional excellence for teacher librarians can be downloaded from: This is found on the ASLA site at:

The standards of excellence for teacher librarians in Australian schools is a goal set in order to improve teacher librarians’ professional practice and enhance  student learning outcomes. I agree in having a standard to maintain best professional practice for teacher librarians although there must be a common sense assessment approach when considering their performance against indicators. The library is usually a resource that has a restricted budget and providing all the media for this to be accomplished can sometimes be difficult. Budget cuts in the area of staffing, buying new resources, access to ICT can sometimes be a problem. The standards are structured within the broad framework of professional knowledge, professional practice and professional commitment. There are 12 standards that encapsulate the quality of the tasks undertaken by teacher librarian.


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